Birth Doula Package – $1,000

  • From time of hire we are available via phone, text and email to answer questions and connect you with resources.
  • Prenatal meetings at 35 & 38 weeks – a chance to build a relationship, discuss your hopes and concerns for your birth and plan how we might work best together.
  • Continuous support during labor and will be with you from the time you request until your baby is born, providing encouragement, physical and emotional comfort to you and your partner.
  • We stay one to two hours after birth, helping with early latching (if desired) and making sure your family is settled
  • We remain on call until baby is back up to birth weight
  • 1-2 postnatal visits within the first 2 weeks following delivery

We offer a 10% sibling discount for repeat families

Serving the Twin Cities Metro Area

We are accepting clients based in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs. We support hospital, birth center and home births in the area.