Erin Ursin, CD(DONA)

Birth Doula

I live in Minnetonka with my husband and our three children – Eleanor (5), Claire (3) and Robert (9 months). Each of their deliveries was unique – one was born at a hospital, one at birth center and one at home – all of them were life-changing. For me, motherhood has been transformative – every up and down has brought so much meaning and perspective to my life. I am passionate about birth and love supporting families on their journey through pregnancy, delivery and the first year of life. 

In my spare time, I love being outside with my kiddos and running on the trails near our home. I am an avid reader and love listening to podcasts & audiobooks while doing projects around the house.

Michelle Backen, CD(DONA)

Birth Doula

Hello! I’m Michelle. I live in Minnetonka with my husband and two children, Noomi (6) and Viggo (5).

I have a background in Social Work and have always enjoyed connecting with people. In 2018 I moved back to Minnesota after spending ten years in Stockholm, Sweden where I also gave birth to my two children.

After my personal birth experience it became evident to me that this was my passion. The support I received and the connections I made are something I will never forget and will always be incredibly grateful for. I hope to provide others with the same emotional, physical and informational support that was so crucial to creating a positive and empowering birth experience for me.